Learn to Felt!

Learn to Felt! -course was held in November 2012 in the spacious crafts class in Vuotalo. I taught the basics of felting to a very international group of students. They were from Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.

We started the course by studying the basics of felting, first by making small items, such as beads for necklaces and bracelets. Then we continued with experimenting how to make scarves by combining wool and silk. We also learnt how to make felted slippers, mittens and hats.

The attached photo (making a necklace of felted beads) is taken by one of the students, Trang Nguyen, show some of the lovely works she made during the course.

Felting requires patience. It takes time to finish the work, but the nice thing is that while felting, you can interact and chat with other students. So the course was also a good way to share experiences of living in Finland and where to buy wool!

Here are some quotes from the students:

“Great course, the structure was very enjoyable, especially as the teacher would explain a different technique or process at the beginning of each session.”

“I followed this felting course with great fun. It was my very first time to try felting but now it has become my passion. It was well taught and everyone talked a lot while making slippers, mittens etc.”

“I so enjoyed the felting course! I feel I’ve really learnt a new skill and I enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone. I would love to take this course again and I’d love it to be longer.

Maria Vuorenjuuri

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